2015 FAQs

Have a question about our brief? Send us an email or message us via Facebook or turn up at one of our info sessions and we’ll get you the answers you’re looking for. We’ll also post all questions on the 2015 brief here for your reference.

Q: Can we choose any location for our furniture? Yes. You’re free to choose any location for your furniture as long as it’s exterior. Make sure to clearly communicate your chosen context within your submission.

Q: Can the furniture be modern or does it need to have a heritage feel? This is completely up to you.

Q: Do fasteners/joiners apply to the 75-25% material rule? Yes. Any and all material used that is not from a palm frond must account for less than 25% of the total material.

Q: Can we use particle wood comprised of palm fronds in our design and would this count towards the material ratio? Yes, however you’ll need to stipulate the material composition and any additional materials will apply to the material ratio.

Q: Do we need to use all parts of the palm frond? No, but you can.

Q: Can the given 2m x 2m x 2m space be occupied by more than one object? Yes, provided the combined use of objects creates a new function.

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